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Those Old Scientists (SNW)

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They said it couldn't be done! A crossover episode between a cartoon and live action?! Well Star Trek can do anything, dumdum, and we prove it by repeating a lot of the jokes in this episode AND bringing all kinds of our own jokes and fun facts to it! Will the wonders EVER cease?!Donate to the TREK BOI PRIDE PLEDGE DRIVE 2024 at give.thetrevorproject.org/mclasspodcast or by joining our Patreon!

Next Episode: TBD - ?x?? - Vote on Patreon to find out! - 6/19/24

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Daruma's "What is This, A Crossover?" Collection
M-Class Podcast

Josh Henderson - Host/ Editor
Philadelphia born and raised, also co-host of Continue?, a hilarious video game-centric Youtube show 10 years running, and Storylords, a prompt-based fiction podcast where he has ressurected the beloved fantasy tales of Daranos. Noted redhead supremacist. Also did your mom, probably.

M-Class Podcast

Jeff Pennington - Host/ Artist
Born and then escaped West Virginia with his life, also co-hosts Storylords, a prompt-based fiction podcast where he spooks the pants right off of your buttcheeks with pulp horror tales. Freelance artist and comic creator/ pallid night ghoul. May have told this story on the podcast before.